Edwards Design &
Fabrication, Inc.


Our design and fabrication work is performed in two buildings located on one of four 100’ by 200’ lots.  The additional lots are for future expansion.  The main building houses the business and design offices as well as our main fabrication area.  The second building contains a 17’ by 28’, downdraft paint booth, preparation area for finishing, and a material storage area.   Additional controlled material storage is located in a 40’ Conex adjacent to the second building.  Together there are over 10,000 square feet of fabrication and office space.  We own a third building, an additional 3200 sq. ft. which will be available by the end of CY09 when renovations are completed.
Main Fabrication Area - Shown above is the main fabrication area. At the bottom is our material receiving area and a machining area with manual mills and a lathe. Our material cutting equipment and the welding area can be seen near the top. There are multiple welding machines for both TIG and MIG welding. The other half of the building not shown contains space to assemble products as well as material storage racks.
CNC Machining – We have both a Mazak VTC 200B Mill and a Mazak Super Quick Turn 250M lathe, and we chose Mazak CNC machines for their overall superior performance.  The VTC 200B mill has a fixed table with a 20”x20”x44” milling head travel.  Also, the doors are removable on each end of the table to allow a long part to be machined on the table.  The Super Quick Turn 250M can turn a part 20” in length and has a 10” chuck.  It also has milling capability and a through spindle capacity of 3”.  These two CNC machines are supported by two manual mills, a medium manual lathe, and a large manual lathe.